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To-Do List & Habit Tracker Laminated Bookmark for Quilters

To-Do List & Habit Tracker Laminated Bookmark for Quilters

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This double-sided laminated bookmark is made for quilters who like to keep a running list of important tasks or things to remember front and center each day. It also includes a Habit Tracker section for keeping track of habits you want to work on throughout the week.

Newly redesigned, our popular laminated bookmarks are now made with a thicker plastic and have fully-sealed edges, making them more durable and easy to use. Choose between three options:

  • Clip-in: left-hand edge of the bookmark is cut with prongs for easy attachment to our coil-bound planners and books
  • 3 Ring Binder or Disc system: bookmark has a wider left-hand margin that allows for custom hole punching for 3-ring binders or disc-system planners
  • Traditional: all four edges of the bookmark are cut straight, perfect for slipping into hardcover or paperback planners and books

Write on this bookmark with a wet-erase marker or a fine-tipped permanent marker (not included with purchase). Use an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol to remove permanent ink.

The clip-in version of this bookmark is specifically designed to fit coil-bound books created by For Creatives Publishing, and may not work with other brands.

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