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Shopping List & Meal Planner Laminated Bookmark

Shopping List & Meal Planner Laminated Bookmark

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Need some help planning your meals and groceries for the week? Our double-sided laminated Shopping List & Meal Planner bookmark works perfectly with your Quilter's Planner, so you have your weekly meals and grocery list right at your fingertips.

Newly redesigned, our popular laminated bookmarks are now made with a thicker plastic and have fully-sealed edges, making them more durable and easy to use. Choose between three options:

  • Clip-in: left-hand edge of the bookmark is cut with prongs for easy attachment to our coil-bound planners and books
  • 3 Ring Binder or Disc system: bookmark has a wider left-hand margin that allows for custom hole punching for 3-ring binders or disc-system planners
  • Traditional: all four edges of the bookmark are cut straight, perfect for slipping into hardcover or paperback planners and books

Write on this bookmark with a wet-erase marker or a fine-tipped permanent marker (not included with purchase). Use an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol to remove permanent ink.

The clip-in version of this bookmark is specifically designed to fit coil-bound books created by For Creatives Publishing, and may not work with other brands.

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